Romantic Gifts for Menhomemade romantic gifts

Looking for romantic gifts for men can be very tiring.

Romantic gifts men love may not be what you think.

Trying to find romantic gift ideas for him is why your here....

Let me help you.

What does he find romantic? Flowers? Nah..Candy? Nah...Ugh. Not an easy task.

romantic gift ideasLook for these little icons for romantic gift ideas.

The best thing to do is find out what he likes and tailor your gift around that. You can then make it romantic by how you wrap the gift or by including a love poem in a card. Let me explain.

Tailor Your Romantic Gifts for Him....To Him

romantic gift for him

Find romantic gifts for men: your boyfriend or husband. Everyone wants to feel loved on their birthday and what better way to show your love than with a romantic gift.

What are his hobbies?

romantic gifts for men,  romantic gift ideaDoes he like football, baseball, soccer? Buy him tickets and go to the game with him. He likes that as much as you like it when he watches romantic movies with you. (If you don't like sports..pretend, it's important to him).

romantic gift  ideaIs he a golfer? Why not plan a golf vacation and you can hit the spa while your there.

romantic gifts for men,  romantic  gift ideaDoes he like to watch cars go around in a circle (better known as Nascar)? Get him a gift that has to do with that and wrap it with romantic paper. He doesn't mind hearts and flowers as long as that's not his gift.

romantic gift ideasRomantic gifts men love might include wine and cigars. Register him in a wine club and he will get a reminder of your love every month!

romantic gift ideaDoes he love to read? A great romantic gift for him might be a great book. Most guys like scary or blood and guts. If he is a romantic how about a personalized romantic book about the two of you?

romantic gift ideaDoes he love to eat? Romantic gifts for men that include food and candles are always a hit. Surprise him and wear a sexy apron, believe me he will love it.

sexy aprons

romantic gift ideas for menIs going to a concert his cup of tea? Buy some concert tickets. Dress up and have a night out on the town.

romantic gift ideas for menDoes he love to camp out? Camping can be very romantic. Learn how to plan it right. Plan the perfect romantic camping trip!

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Romantic gifts for men are practical, unless of course he is a romantic at heart.

Romantic to him usually means something totally different than romantic to her. Most guys think hearts, candy and roses are romantic to her but aren't really what floats his boat.

He doesn't mind (much) spending money for those sorts of things on you but if you want to buy him something romantic that's not it!

Romantic gifts for men revolve around him. Find out what excites him and make it a reality. There are websites that help you to buy him a day as a racecar driver....what a thrill.

I have found men who didn't know how to kiss.
I've always found time to teach them. -- Mae West

Remember to wrap any of these gifts in romantic paper, combine it with a romantic card...viola, that makes it romantic (to him)!
romantic presents for men

I don't think he will find this too mushy...but it is romantic!

Personalized Tree of Love Print with Wood Frame More information at A Gift Personalized Only $59.99
romantic golf
This is a great romantic gift for guys...if they like golf! Customize it with his picture.
Personalized Classic Golf Shadow Box
Buy this at A Personalized Gift for $39.99

romantic flash drive?

I don't know how much of a romantic gift this is...but it's cool.

Personalized Sterling Silver Plated 512MB USB Flash Key Chain
Buy this at A Gift Personalized $50.99
sit and sip

Now he can sit in style on the golf course with this...

Personalized Sit 'N Sip Cooler
Buy this at American Personalized Products for $49.99

Want to get him a different kind of cologne?

"Scientists the United States have found that people exposed to the hormone oxytocin become more willing to bond" More info
romantic gift for guys

Give him this wallet and fill it full of romantic love coupons from you for back rubs, foot massages, etc.

Personalized Metro Leather Wallet/Money Clip
Buy this at A Gift Personalized $27.89
romantic shave

Have fun...give him a bubble bath and then a shave with this.

Shaving Set - 5pc. Apothecary Mug
Available at Amazing Shaving for $88

Men love their last names... it's part of who they are. Finely crafted iron.

Personalized BBQ Tool Rack
Available at American Personalized Products for $35.95
romantic nostalgic gift, romantic gift for over 50

Candy from the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's. Bring back fond memories of his childhood. Remember wax lips?

See your decade at Old Time Candy Company
romantic birthday gifts, romantic christmas gifts for him, romantic gift for my wife

Would he like to drive a race car? Maybe fly a bet!

Great gifts available at Xperience Days Find out more info!
best romantic gift for him, best gift for my boyfriend, greatest gift for husband

OK remember when I said getting him what HE wants is romantic to him? If he drinks beer this is it.

Beer Holster Buy now from RedEnvelope $34.95
sword letter opener

What guy wouldn't like a sword letter opener? Cool romantic gifts for men.

Miniature Attila the Hun Sword Letter Opener by Marto of Toledo Spain $37.99

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"Soul meets soul on lover's lips -- Percy Bysshe Shelly

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